Friday, January 30, 2015


Another use of the term, "integrity" appears in the work of Michael Jensen and Werner Erhard in their academic paper, "Integrity: A Positive Model that Incorporates the Normative Phenomenon of Morality, Ethics, and Legality". In this paper the authors explore a new model of integrity as the state of being whole and complete, unbroken, unimpaired, sound, and in perfect condition. They posit a new model of integrity that provides access to increased performance for individuals, groups, organizations, and societies. Their model "reveals the causal link between integrity and increased performance, quality of life, and value-creation for all entities, and provides access to that causal link."

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Good Momentum

"So what is left attached to the man who has reached the Self and seen Truth is the remnant of the good impressions of his past life, the good momentum. Even if he lives in the body and works incessantly, he works only to do good; his lips speak only benediction to all; his hands do only good works; his mind can think only good thoughts; his presence is a blessing wherever he goes. He is himself a living blessing. Such a man will, by his very presence, change even the most wicked persons into saints." - Jnana Yoga,  Swami Vivekananda

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Grow a Pair

Change is imminent (once again).

I'm trying to concentrate but right now there is a kitten screeching in my living room. I have brief moments of alarm several times a day when I realize what a crazy cat lady I've become, and I worry that I've slipped into two-dimensionality and that my life is just cats and the beach, and not much more.

All that is a total illusion though. I never would have guessed three years ago that I would be where I am now, doing what I'm doing where I'm doing it. And my experiences here have been so much more complex and rich than I have led the Internet to believe.

So I thought I would set the record straight by injecting a little honesty into this black hole of infinite information of indiscriminate value that is the blogosphere. I've done it in the past when I was sad, so it's only fair that I do it now too, when life is so different but things are still changing.

I owe it to myself to write about all this, if anything so I can learn from it in the future.

Right now change is imminent and I can feel it like a pressure drop, or a rise in moisture and the thickness of it. I'm in the thick of it (again) and I want to say it doesn't concern me much, but here I am riding this see-saw between who I was, where I am and what I want to become and I have found myself, once again, wondering if I have done enough.

The moments that led to my realizing that my best was enough were humbling. They brought me to my knees. They made me aware of my own short-givings and gave me a different kind of modesty, and a real understanding that compassion mattered. More recent moments are leading to me realizing that what I'm doing now, is no longer my best. I can do more. My best is yet to come. And it's time for me to reach for it.

I'm getting married in 90-something days, which means everything is happening all at once all the time. The last time I wrote extensively, I was going through a painful break-up. I was lonely.

This time, it's a little harder because I'm not lonely, I'm just overwhelmed. There are so many things to think about all the time, and most of them are lovely.

Life is good. But I want more, and I think I can get it. I think I have what it takes.

It's easy to lose perspective on this whole growth process, because it seems to happen slowly and quickly at the same time. We're like rose babies reaching full stop for the sunlight. Sometimes we fell somewhere glorious and we just shoot straight up, other times we sprout in the shadows. I like to think I'm the kind of sprout who's sassy enough to grow claws and crawl into the sunlight. I want to crawl into the sunlight and bloom. I think it'll be really spectacular.

First, I've got to grow a pair. By that I mean a pair of wings - I need to engineer these things made of pure wit and hard-earned wisdom that will take me anywhere I need to go. I've got them now and I feel pretty confident in them - at least, as confident as I'll ever be. Here I am standing on the ledge of the rest of my life and the only way to really soar like I want to do, like I do in my dreams  - is to trust my readiness completely and lean into free fall.

It's not like I haven't fallen before. I've fallen plenty by now. This is a different kind of fall. This is the kind of fall that is so aerodynamically precise that it catapults you to - somewhere - who gives a crap because I mean look at yourself - you're flying.

Anyway that's where I am. I've built myself a new pair of wings and I'm going for it.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Master of Mastery

"I’m convinced that being a world-class learner is much  more important to your success in business (and in life) than having any kind of advanced degree. In fact, I become more sure every day that the ability to learn quickly and deeply is the single most important skill for the 21st century. Someone who’s a great learner will take best and fullest advantage of time spent in business school – but he or she will also take best and fullest advantage of all the circumstances and resources available to him or her every day. The key is that ability to learn – it’s like a continuously revving engine of growth.  I actually wish there was another word for it – ‘learning’ has such boring, schoolroom-ish connotations as a word.  How about mastery? Maybe we should call such people masters of mastery." - Erika Anderson "Why Spending $150K On An MBA is Probably a Dumb Idea"

Saturday, March 22, 2014

An Educated Woman

"I don't understand why people fear an educated woman. Well maybe I do. Because it is clear that ignorance is no match for a curious mind, and hatred and oppression are no match for the human heart. Compassion and love will guide us, and freedom will be our reward. " - Bones, Season 9 Episode 16 "The Source in the Sludge"

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Expand Into the Power Vacuum

"He had come to two beliefs. One was that in any organization there is always a lot of loose, unused power lying about which can be picked up without alienating anyone. 

The second rule is, if you want power and want to expand, never encroach on anyone else's domain; open up new ones. 

"I call it 'Expanding into the power vacuum'" Demara proudly explains. "It works this way. If you come into a new situation (there's a nice word for it) don't join some other professor's committee and try to make your mark by moving up in that committee. You'll, one, have a long haul and two, make an enemy." 

Demara's technique is to found your own committee. 

"That way there's no competition, no past standards to measure you by. How can anyone tell you aren't running a top outfit? And then there's no past laws or rules or precedents to hold you down or limit you. Make your own rules and interpretations. Nothing like it. Remember it, expand into the power vacuum!"

-Ferdinand Waldo Demara, "The Great Imposter"

Saturday, May 18, 2013


"Politics is too important to be left to politicians." -Fmr. Senator Warren Rudman